Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions LLC

Have You Checked Your Tank System Lately?

Spill Protection (maintain sump free of liquids)

Overfill Protection (check alarms and automatic shutoff devices)

Corrosion Protection (Tank and Piping)

(maintain sump free of liquids) (check alarms and automatic shutoff devices) (Tank and Piping)
  • Galvanic
    • Within 6 months of installation
    • Every 3 years after installation
  • Impressed
    • Within 6 months of installation
    • Every 3 years after installation
    • Check rectifier operation every 60 days

Release Detection    

  • monthly monitoring
  • annual piping test and line leak detector tests
  • daily inventory
  • statistical inventory reconciliation
  • automatic tank gauging
  • other approved methods


  • daily systems check
  • periodic equipment check
  • dispenser sumps
  • liquid level sensors
  • piping and tank sumps

Record Keeping (retain your records for the number of years listed below)

  • tank and piping tightness test - 5 years
  • performance claims for release detection - 5 years
  • sampling, testing, monitoring - 2 years
  • calibration, maintenance, and repair of release detection equipment - 2 years
  • schedules of required calibration and maintenance for release detection equipment - 5 years

Great Lakes Maintenance Solution offers a variety of testing services, as follows:

  • hydrostatic line test
  • leak detector test
  • impact safety valve test
  • hydrostatic hoist test
  • meter calibration      :  it is always very important to do meter calibrations on your dispensers
                                     semi-annually to make sure you are not giving away gas and losing
                                     your profits.
  • We also offer tank cleaning services.

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